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Christmas in Haiti

Posted on Dec 21st 2022


Christmas in Haiti

Imagine growing up as a child in a country where 70% of the adults are unemployed. Where things like food, education, access to clean water and healthcare, and security aren’t guaranteed. Imagine the lack of hope you would have as a child to escape poverty, when only half of the country is literate, and political corruption thrives. This is the reality for children growing up in Haiti, a country of 10 million people, and the poorest country in the western hemisphere!

What sort of future do children growing up in places like this have when all the odds are stacked against them, and debilitating poverty lurks at every street corner? Thankfully there are good people in Haiti that want to make a difference and want to see things changed. World Orphans, an organization combating the orphan crisis through their Home-Based Care programs, has partnered with many churches in Haiti, each of which “holistically care for 20 orphaned and vulnerable children who are being raised by single mothers, extended family, neighbors, friends or church members.”  

By the local churches opening their homes to vulnerable children in their communities, they are acting as the front lines in the fight against poverty, trafficking, violence, and child abandonment. World Orphans is coming along side to help provide meals served at school every day, assistance with school fees, access to medical services and health monitoring, counseling, mentoring and biblical discipleship, all flowing through the local church!

First Fruits was so excited to be able to partner with World Orphans this Christmas season by providing the funds for a Christmas program to be implemented for all the children in their program, with a large Christmas party, meal and gifts being distributed to all the children! Life is hard, and for some it can seem almost impossible. But we are proud to partner with an organization seeking to empower the local church to make a difference in their community by impacting this generation for Christ!

To learn more about World Orphans and their work in Haiti, please visit