Jan 30 - Feb 2, 2024

Broomfield, Colorado
Are you looking to climb to higher heights to gain a new perspective?

Look no further than Broomfield, Colorado!

We are excited to host our fourth annual Footprints Floors Convention on January 30 - February 2, 2024 in Broomfield, Colorado. The Footprints Floors annual convention is truly a unique experience within the flooring industry. Franchise Owners are presented with the opportunity to gain a new perspective and see the best path forward through furthering education, developing personal relationships, partnering with industry professionals, participating in our exclusive Expo, and enjoying social events.

Join us as we bask in the shadow of the iconic sandstone formations called the Boulder Flatirons near Broomfield, Colorado. Embrace the opportunity to ascend to new altitudes and invest in yourself and your industry by attending the Footprints Floors Convention 2024!

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Footprints Floors Convention

January 30 - February 2, 2024

Join over 80+ Franchise Owners and dozens of industry professionals, product representatives, and corporate partners this January in Broomfield, Colorado. Participants benefit from an intimate and personalized expo experience, where they get intentional one on one time with leading experts in all things flooring. There will be experienced keynote speakers, dedicated classes, targeting a plethora of relevant issues facing your business and informative product demonstrations from leading industry professionals.

Look for more information about our upcoming convention in the next coming weeks. If you have any questions, please email Laura at [email protected] or call or call 720-788-1062

What You Will Gain

Whether you are a new franchise owner with Footprints Floors, or a multi-year veteran, the key to successful growth is a hungry attitude, and willingness to learn. Offering several different learning tracks of furthering education, including a discussion panel with veteran franchise owners, attending this year's convention will help grow you as a person, as well as a business owner.

Who You Will See

Not only will this year’s convention be an opportunity for our 80+ franchise owners to reconnect and strengthen their professional relationships, as well as friendships with other franchisees, but with the Footprints Floors mini expo, franchise owners get to meet and learn from the industries top experts in all things flooring, marketing, financing, and many other services. Footprints Floors has spent the last several years networking and building relationships with dozens of key corporate partners, and it has been a privilege to welcome them into our convention to meet our franchisees face to face, and to educate our people on various levels

What to Expect

As always, Footprints Floors is a company looking to serve and recognize its franchise owners in any way it can. Whether it's through award ceremonies, announcing new and upcoming news or new partnerships, developments or improvements, the annual convention serves as a wonderful opportunity for corporate to celebrate the franchise owners, and for franchise owners to connect in person with corporate staff and hear about the company's future, as well as strategic plans for growth and improvement.

What Should You Bring?

Bring yourself, an employee, or your family, and see it not just as a business trip, but as means of developing a stronger sense of community and camaraderie within Footprints Floors. We recognize that everyone of our franchise owners plays a key role in the success of the franchise model as a whole, and so we seek to not only invest in you professionally, but also to invest in you relationally. So bring a positive attitude, and dive head first into the classes, as well as the several social events planned throughout the convention! We look forward to seeing you all!